Andrea Forte with Cen-Tex DART

Andrea Forte with Cen-Tex DART

Andrea Forte, as Director of Operations, is a founding member of CenTex DART. She is a certified Incident Command System and CERT Instructor. Her training includes All-Hazards Incident Commander and Planning Section Chief positions for an IMT-3 team along with being a Skywarn Spotter, debris manager, and an exercise planner.

Texas Disasters Inc., Episode 12 of Civil Defense Radio

Jon Cole with Texas Disasters Inc.

After becoming highly involved with the volunteer rescue and relief efforts associated with Hurricane Harvey, he saw numerous issues that could have easily been alleviated by just having a better way of doing things.

Episode 11, Survival with Tim MacWelch

Survival with Tim MacWelch

Tim is a regular contributor for Outdoor Life magazine’s website, providing hundreds of blogs over the past few years and currently providing 2 photo galleries a month.