About Us

Civil Defense Radio
Civil Defense Radio is more than just a podcast about a New American Civil Defense Structure. Through our total media presence: our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, we work to inform you of the many serious threats, both natural and man-made, that our nation faces – those issues many news outlets are afraid to speak about or unwilling to mention.

We believe this total information approach will assist you in making the BEST possible decisions about the safety and security for yourself, your family, your neighborhood and community during disastrous events. 

Civil Defense = Resiliency = Survival

To be resilient it takes preparation, organization, and training to meet the needs of whatever situation we may find ourselves in. Civil Defense helps reduce panic in a disaster and we want to be part of your preparation.

We strongly recommend establishing a community-based civil defense organization in your city or county in partnership with your local emergency manager and community leaders.  We offer guidance on our website at www.civildefenseradio.com under the “Resources” tab. Look for “the Guide” at the top of the page. It is enough information to get the discussion started. And also, we are always here to help.

We ask you to regularly download and listen to our shows and visit our web and social media platforms often at www.civildefenseradio.com, on Facebook @CivilDefenseRadio, and on Twitter @Civil_Def_Radio.

National Civil Defense Pattern